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“It is not enough to know something; one must also use it. It is not enough to intend something; one must also do it.” J.W. Goethe

In 2007, the ESTA Academy was founded as the company’s internal training facility and has since become a fixture of the company. Training is focused on the personal and professional development of our employees. In annual feedback interviews between employees and supervisors, we determine training needs together based on future requirements. The comprehensive offerings range from product training, IT and language instruction to team seminars, on-the-job training and special coaching.

Our modern, well-equipped exhibition and training centre at the company headquarters in Senden, Germany, offers optimal conditions. In this way, we continuously support our employees and ensure further development and innovation for the long term. But the ESTA Academy doesn’t just focus on our own employees. We also make a broad spectrum of product- and sales-oriented training available to our international partners and dealers. To bring our motto “Successful together!” to the market, we create target-group opportunities for continuing education in extraction and filter technology. The modular, flexibly arranged training concept has been divided into basic, advanced and professional levels. This allows us to accommodate a wide range of knowledge levels and needs. ESTA places special value on an optimal blend of theory and practice while integrating current trends in the industry. To ensure permanent high quality, we work with trainers and lecturers who have many years of experience in their fields.

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