The filter cyclone technology is used for extraction of mixtures of coarse material and fine dust.

The Combicyclone is a two-stage combination of a cyclone separator and cartridge filter. By the cyclone effect first heavy components of the intake air can be deposited in the system.The second stage is an IFA-tested filter cartridge that separates fine dust with great efficiency. The filter cartridge is divided inside into three separately cleanable segments. The lately developed cleaning technology keeps suction performance constant for the filter cartridge.


Your Benefits

  • Separating mixtures of coarse and fine dust
  • Easy-to-handle collection container
  • Newly developed cleaning system automatically clears filter cartridge
  • Compact design for use even in tight spaces
  • Quick and easy filter change
  • long filter lifetime

Special Features

  • Automatic filter cartridge cleaning
  • Compact design
  • Ergonomically optimized lifting system for mobile 200 liter collecting tank

At a Glance

Stationary installation

Stationary installation

Stationary dust extractors are installed next to the processing machine or at a central location in production halls.

Pulse-jet filter cleaning

Pulse-jet filter cleaning

Pulse-jet cleaning clears the filter cartridges from the inside out (clean gas side). This loosens dust stuck to the exterior of the cartridges, and it falls into the collection container. The filter cartridges are automatically cleanes individually. Pulse-jet cleaning allows filter cleaning during suction operation with no need to shut off the extractor.


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Application Range

  • For coarse-grained material and fine dust
  • Cleaning passenger car interiors
  • Conveying pellets
  • tabacco industry
  • paper industry
  • metal industry
  • plastic industry

Ideal for

  • metal chips
  • plastic dust
  • plastic splinters
  • cotton dust
  • paper dust

All types of dust at a glance

Data & Downloads

Max. Airflow m³/h 2.500
Intake diameter* mm 160
Filter elements p 1
Voltage V 230
Filter surface 16
Dust collection container l 200
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 942 x 652 x 2.400
Weight kg 350

Please inquire with us about additional units / * Depending on the type of application

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