Industrial vacuum cleaners for cleaning and machine extraction. 

The WHISPERSOG high-vacuum cleaners run more quietly than conventional industrial vacuum cleaners yet guarantee the same high level of performance. They are designed for continuous operation and can be used not only as industrial vacuum cleaners, but also as mobile dust extractors for direct extraction at machines. Using permanent filter cartridges can significantly lower operating costs, compared to disposable filters. The collected dust can be easily disposed of using the patented tilting mechanism.

Your Benefits

  • Low-noise, high-performance vacuum cleaners for dry dust
  • Low operating costs through the use of cleanable long life cartridge filters
  • Tilt-back filter housings for easy dust disposal
  • Small space requirement due to compact design
  • High mobility by smooth turning castors

Special Features

  • For continuous operation (DC version)
  • Manual brush cleaning mechanism, pneumatic filter cleaning system or pulse-jet filter cleaning system
  • Cleanable long life cartridge filters (Dust classification M)

At a Glance

Mobile installation

Mobile installation

Mobile dust extractors can be installed for single-location or central extraction in production halls.

Manual brush cleaning

Manual brush cleaning

The cartridge filter's folds are gently tapped by brushes. This effectively loosens especially coarse and free-flowing dusts. The brush axle turns in two directions in the middle of the cartridge (on the raw gas side). This cleaning comes in manual, motorized and automatic motorized versions.

Fully automatic filter cleaning

Fully automatic filter cleaning

In automatic cleaning, the filter is cleared after the fan stops. On devices with an IFA test certificate, an acoustic signal indicates the need for filter cleaning.

Pulse-jet filter cleaning

Pulse-jet filter cleaning

Pulse-jet cleaning clears the filter cartridges from the inside out (clean gas side). This loosens dust stuck to the exterior of the cartridges, and it falls into the collection container. The filter cartridges are automatically cleanes individually. Pulse-jet cleaning allows filter cleaning during suction operation with no need to shut off the extractor.


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Application Range

  • Clean up work of coarse, fine and pourable types of dust
  • Direct extraction from manual processing machines and hose in continuous operation
  • Connection to pipelines

Ideal for

  • Cotton dust
  • Plastic dust
  • Mineral dust
  • Paper dust
  • Tabacco fibres

All types of dust at a glance

Data & Downloads

WHISPERSOG   2.2 3.0
Max. Airflow m³/h 300 216
Intake diameter mm 50 50
Max. negative pressure Pa 21.000 31.500
Voltage V 400 400
Motor kW 2,2 3,0
Filter surface 2 2
Dust collection container l 80 80
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 1.300 x 640 x 1.250 1.300 x 640 x 1.250
Weight kg 130 120
Sound level dB(A) 73 75
Order Number      
Manual filter cleaning system (FM)   83.101 83.102
Pneumatic filter cleaning system (FA)   83.201 83.202
Pulse-jet-cleaning (Jet)   83.113 -


Perfectly tailored to the product

Effective extraction technology demands high-performance accessories. Ask our international sales team for suitable offers.

  • Suction accessories

  • Plastic filling bags
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  • Plastic filling bags 
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