Mobile soldering fume extraction solution for individual and multiple workstations.

The KAF series specialises in the extraction of fine dust and soldering fumes The active carbon filter as the second filter stage works to significantly reduce odours. Four smooth-rolling casters allow mobile use.

The device is available in both AC versions for occasional use, and DC versions for continuous operation.

Your Benefits

  • Compact and functional design
  • Mobile for versatile use
  • Odor reduction through optional activated carbon filter
  • Low operation noise

Special Features

  • Manual filter cleaning
  • Filter cassette with active carbon

At a Glance

Mobile installation

Mobile installation

Mobile dust extractors can be installed for single-location or central extraction in production halls.

Manual standard filter cleaning

Manual standard filter cleaning

Fast, effective filter cleaning with a hand-held compressed air pistol blows the filter lamellas clean inside and out. Smoke particles come loose from the filter material and fall into the filter housing's dust collection channel.


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Application Range

  • Extracting fine dusts or soldering fumes
  • Use in laboratories, precision mechanical workshops and the electronics industry
  • Individual and multiple workstation extraction



Special Versions

  • Filer cassette with actived carbon
  • Special voltage

Ideal for

  • Soldering fume 

All types of dust at a glance

Data & Downloads

KAF   -70 -100
Max. Airflow m³/h 500 700
Intake diameter mm 50 2 x 50 oder 1 x 100
Max. negative pressure Pa 1.100 1.100
Voltage V 230 230
Motor kW 0,55 0,55
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 385 x 465 x 735 485 x 485 x 920
Weight kg 30 42
Sound level dB(A) 65 68
Order Number   07.071 (L) / (S) 07.101 (L) / (S)


Perfectly tailored to the product

Effective extraction technology demands high-performance accessories. Ask our international sales team for suitable offers.

  • Articulated extraction

  • Extraction hood

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