Cleaning systems for ESTA extraction solutions

Almost all ESTA extraction systems have cleanable permanent filter elements. To guarantee consistent suction performance and high quality, filter media must be regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

Whether manual, motor-driven or automatic, there is a choice of cleaning systems for your extraction equipment, depending on the product group and device design. The dust type and the ease of operation play a decisive role in selecting a cleaning method.

Brush cleaning

The cartridge filter’s folds are gently tapped by manually operated brushes. This effectively loosens especially coarse and free-flowing dusts. The brush axle turns in two directions in the middle of the cartridge (on the raw gas side).

Motorized bag filter cleaning

A vibrating motor frees filter bags fastened to a frame of chips and dust particles. At the same time, an eccentric tappet sets the frame vibrating, causing the dirt to come loose and fall into the integrated collection container.

Pulse-Jet cleaning

Pulse-Jet cleaning clears filter cartridges automatically inside and out (on the clean gas side) using compressed air nozzles individually or in rows. This loosens dust stuck to the exterior of the cartridges, and it falls into the collection container. Pulse-Jet cleaning allows filter cleaning during suction operation.

Manual cleaning with compressed air pistol

Fast, effective filter cleaning with a hand-held compressed air pistol blows clean the filter lamellas inside and out. Smoke particles come loose from the filter material and fall into the filter housing’s dust collection channel.

Rotation cleaning (manual)

The compressed air connection on the hand-operated rotation nozzle ensures that the filter lamellas are blown uniformly clean.

Automatic cleaning

In automatic cleaning, the filters are cleared after the fan stops. On devices with an IFA test certificate, an acoustic signal sounds if filter cleaning is necessary.

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