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There is a risk of fire and explosion in any industrial plant where flammable dusts are produced. Under some conditions, these dusts can combine with air to form an explosive mixture. All it takes is one small spark — even from static electricity — to cause a dust explosion. ATEX-compliant extraction devices and systems provide protection.

ATEX stands for the French term ATmosphère EXplosible (explosive atmosphere). It indicates two EU guidelines: ATEX 137, which defines explosion protection and occupational safety requirements for workshops and owners, and ATEX 95, which defines them for products and manufacturers. This guideline applies uniformly throughout Europe, and since the last transitional period expired on 1 July 2006, it has been obligatory.

The ATEX guideline designates three zone categories for dust (Zones 20, 21 and 22) and gas (Zones 0, 1 and 2). An approved expert contracted by the owner divides the work area into the appropriate categories.

Industries where explosive dust mixtures often arise typically include:

  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Food processing
  • Plastics
  • Carbon and graphite processing

Protect your employees and production facilities with ATEX-compliant ESTA extraction systems. ESTA also offers you a comprehensive array of accessories and services for explosion prevention. Our staff will gladly help you choose the right components and accessories for your application.

Central extraction systems with integrated filter breakage monitoring and rupture disks for relieving external pressure.

ATEX-Products & Products for use in Zone 22

Mobile Dust Extractors


Stationary Dust Extractors

Cyclone Filter FZ

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners


Trust only devices with the right designation — it’s the only way to protect your employees and production facilities!

Don’t put you and your surroundings at needless risk.

Let safety be your edge — with ATEX-compliant products from ESTA.

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