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Excellence based on expertise, customer proximity and a solution-orientated approach

More than 25 years ago ESTA launched its system construction division in order to offer its customers application-specific extraction solutions which are tailored to their needs. We specialise in large and complex projects. With our know-how of the industry and the necessary development expertise, we are able to carry out projects efficiently and professionally in a very short period of time.

Regardless of whether it's dust, shavings or smoke, our extraction systems ensure exceptional separation performance combined with maximum availability and minimum energy consumption. This means all our systems not only comply with current requirements and guidelines but are also future-proof.

The benefits for you

  • Professional and comprehensive project management
  • Energy-efficient solutions (e.g. heat recovery)
  • Low operating costs thanks to cleanable filter elements
  • Modular design allows systems to be expanded at a later date
  • Low operating noise thanks to sound insulation
  • Short delivery and assembly times
  • Reliable after sales service 

Our Services

Anlagenbau Alles aus einer Hand Service rund um Absauganlagen

A one-stop source – from initial consultation and planning, production and assembly through to commissioning and maintenance: ESTA is always there for you.

An experienced and perfectly coordinated team of engineers, sales staff and fitters ensures that everything goes to plan. 


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Customer testimonials

  • Our duty to care for our staff is something we take very seriously. With our new extraction system, we consciously wanted to do even better than the statutory requirements.
    Manfred Zahn, Factory Planning
    PERI GmbH
  • We have equipped various work processes in our production facilities with the extraction technology from ESTA. From industrial vacuum cleaners and small dust extractors through to large dedusting systems – all the devices and systems have been running smoothly for many years. The large product range including accessories and spare parts as well as many decades of experience in all extraction-related issues means ESTA is an indispensable partner in this sector.
    Lothar Lehnbaur, Manager
    Kettlitz-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG
  • ESTA coordinated the planning and design of our extraction system with us both precisely and in great detail. For us it was important to only have one contact person over the course of the entire project. From consultation through to assembly everything was handled quickly and effectively by the ESTA staff. Process integration was also hitch-free and to our utmost satisfaction.
    Timo Kukec, Master maintenance
    SAF Holland
  • Installation went smoothly without any significant interruptions to our ongoing production processes. The extraction system was supplied on time in a completely pre-assembled state. This saved time during installation. The staff from ETSA also provided us with detailed and thorough information on how to use the system.
    Joachim Voelkner, Head of Production
    Nanotec Industries GmbH
  • Our experience with the ESTA service team has been extremely positive to date. Most of the time a quick call was enough and the staff were able to offer easy tips and instructions over the phone. The service staff come to the company regularly to maintain the system. This, in turn, guarantees that the system will keep functioning properly in the long run.
    Thomas Traub, Facility Services Electrics
    Catalent Germany Schorndorf GmbH
  • We have been using extraction systems from ESTA at our sites for many years now. They operate on a multi-shift basis and reliably extract the smoke gases from the welding systems. Due to the processes, the extraction systems have to be repeatedly adapted to the production lines. This is never a problem and can always be achieved quickly.
    Randy Koch, production manager
    KWD Automobiltechnik GmbH

Extraction Systems

Customised system concepts for individual applications.

Absauganlagen Individuelle Anlagenkonzepte

In order to be effective, extraction systems must be optimally aligned to the actual needs. At the company's headquarters in Senden experienced engineers use state-of-the-art software to produce detailed 3D drawings such as hall plans with an integrated extraction system as well as flow simulations. Process solutions are developed in our in-house technical centre for special applications.


We also handle interface management and take care of the smooth connection of the extraction system to the processing / production process.

National or international references

Hall Ventilation

Minimisation of toxic substances & enhanced energy efficiency

Hallenlüftung Räumliche Lüftung Schichtenlüftung

For many applications an integrated hall ventilation system is vital in order to satisfy statutory requirements and to protect staff. Depending on the application, these can be installed in addition to existing extraction devices or as a central extraction unit.


As such, exposure to toxic substances is minimised for staff and ideal climatic conditions for production are guaranteed. The energy-efficient design of the hall ventilation system also tangibly reduces energy and heating costs.

Details about Hall Ventilation


Bau individueller Absauglösungen
Bau individueller Absauglösungen
Bau individueller Absauglösungen
Absauganlage für Schweißrauch
Bau individueller Absauglösungen
Absauglösungen für die Schuhindustrie
Absauglösungen für die Schuhindustrie
Absauglösungen für die Schuhindustrie

The ideal solution whatever the industry

ESTA provides tailored extraction systems for virtually all sectors and applications. Our work is focused around the following key industries:

Branche Working Area
Metal processing welding, grinding, turning, milling, laser, thermal and plasma cutting, powder coating, blasting, machining
Solar and wind energy milling, grinding, deburring, polishing, sawing, drilling
Recycling shredding, cutting, sieving, sorting, pressing, cleaning
Vehicle construction grinding, welding, adhering, casting, coating, pressing
food and beverage pneumatic conveying, mixing, sieving, decanting, filling, dosing, cleaning


There is a risk of fire and explosion in any industrial plant where flammable dusts are produced.

Read more about the fire protection concept

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