Push-Pull Systems

Central Extraction Systems for Hall Ventilation

When large components are welded, and the welding positions constantly change, contaminant sources change also, giving rise to toxic fumes. These welding fumes cannot be extracted directly through extraction hoods.

To ensure efficient extraction nonetheless, ESTA has developed two different processes for suctioning workplace air: ESTA Push Pull mix ventilation and ESTA Upstream layer ventilation. With both systems, ESTA’s specialized consultants can offer you a software-driven, energy-efficient design for your specific application. For your workers, we minimize contaminants through tried-and-tested ESTA filter technology. We also optimize the climate in your production facility with an automatically regulated fresh air feed that includes cooling and heating. This considerably lowers your heat and energy bills.

Your Benefits

  • Minimal assembly requirements
  • Low procurement and operating costs
  • No restriction of room area
  • Efficient extraction with high toxic loads
  • Fresh air quality
  • Energy-efficient concept including heat recovery
  • Modular design
  • Increase in productivity

Operating Principle

Push Pull Mix Ventilation

  • Hall height < 7.5 m
  • Low thermal loads < 10 tons per year of welding wire consumption
  • Special air feed nozzles with broad spread width
  • Two opposing pipelines
  • Suitable for cooling and heating




    Upstream Layer Ventilation

    • Hall height ≥ 7.5 m
    • High thermal loads > 10 tons per year of welding wire consumption
    • Displacement outlets near the floor for creating a layer of cold air
    • Sensors for continuous temperature measurement and fully automatic control of the proportion of fresh air
    • Low air volume flows are sufficient
    • Suitable for cooling
    • High-quality fresh air

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