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More than 45 years, we at ESTA have been helping our customers create consistently clean, healthy work environments. Our trailblazing extraction solutions for a wide range of industries have established us as a reliable premium provider. We have gained this competence through a multi-faceted commitment that includes sustained development, dialogue with users of dust extraction technology, and communication with testing laboratories and technical institutes.

ESTA’s customers include companies from a wide variety of industries and sciences, from A to Z — automotive to food, right through to zinc. The companies range in size from tiny workshops with a few employees to worldwide multinationals.

To give you an idea of our comprehensive range of services, we provide you here with examples of our domestic and international references from various industries.

Recycling and Environmental Technology

The challenge:

Grinding pieces for large components of fibreglass-reinforced plastic produces dust. Over a distance of 50 metres, an extraction booth needs to capture these fine dusts. The customer wants the booth to be mobile and to guarantee maximum flexibility. Moreover, the extracted air must be routed back into the production hall.


The dusts are captured by a mobile extraction booth that can be moved across 50 metres to the desired position by two electrically driven dollies. The booth is equipped with lamellas on both faces. This means that only the booth needs to be moved, and not the work piece.

An energy chain rides along to provide current and compressed air. This eliminates the need for expensive reel systems.

The filter unit is mounted on a platform and moves with the booth. The system is equipped with a dust class H backup filter for extracting dust from fibreglass-reinforced plastic.

The complete unit (booth and filter system) is run from a control cabinet next to the filter system. 


  • Mobile extraction booth
  • DUSTMAC F-144 filter unit
  • Backup filter for dust class H
  • Controls for the booth and extraction system

      The extraction system is attached directly to the booth, which is moved on a system of tracks. The extraction system’s backup filter is for returning the air to the production hall.

      Mechanical Engineering

      The challenge:

      At the end of 2011, a system design company in southern Germany asked us to develop a suitable workplace ventilation design to maintain the required occupational exposure limit of 3mg/m³. The production hall contains 24 workstations where structural steel is welded in single and double shifts. The purified air is to be routed back into the work area. The specific application makes it impractical to remove fumes selectively at all workstations.


      ESTA installs a stationary cartridge filter system from the DUSTEX series. It uses the push-pull mix ventilation principle to extract welding fumes that arise. A pipeline system captures the fumes. It is arranged on the ceiling and equipped with 18 suction strands to cover the entire area of the hall. The purified air is routed along the two long sides of the hall at ceiling height toward the suction channel. This reduces the contaminant content in the air of the hall according to specific regulations. Permanent filter cartridges are automatically cleaned during suction and keep operating costs consistently low.

      The modular construction of ESTA extraction systems allows the filter unit, fan and pipe system to be custom adjusted and dimensioned to the client’s needs. The customer was extremely happy with the installation time, which was only two weeks. The contaminant measurement equipment we installed has confirmed the workplace ventilation system’s efficiency: The contaminant concentration is far below the prescribed limit of 3mg/m.


      • DUSTMAC F-567 filter unit
      • MDV 75 kW
      • Air intake fan MDV 11 kW
      • Control cabinet 75 kW with frequency converter
      • Control cabinet 11 kW with frequency converter
      • Pipe system with 18 suction strands

      The pipeline system is perfectly adapted to the production conditions and allows welding fumes to be captured throughout the hall.

      The workplace extraction system consists of a DUSTEX modular filter unit, a fan, an air intake fan and a pipe system.

      PERI - Germany


      Hall ventilation system for 23 welding workstations (ESTA upstream layers ventilation)


      • Filter unit DUSTMAC F-945 (installed on the roof of the hall)
      • ATEX design
      • Two medium-pressure fans MDV-45 kW (75.000 m³/h bei 3.500 Pa) 
      • Heat recovery
      • Pipe system
      • Discharge through screw conveyor

      Read the Press Release about our Best Practice Example Peri

      Schletter - USA

      Metalworking Industry

      Extraction of aluminium chips on circular and band saws


      • Filtration unit DUSTMAC S-66
      • Direct connection to existing extraction nozzles on the saws
      • Medium-pressure fan MDV 30 kW with housing
      • Comfort switchgear cabinet with frequency converter for 30 kW fan
      • Jacob pipe systems
      • Discharge via double dump valve DN 500 mm in customer container

      Robert Bosch - Germany

      Automotive Supplier

      Residual dust extraction during the cleaning of the production line


      • Cyclonic filter FZ-1003 with fill level monitoring
      • Side channel blower TDP-22 kW (2,100 m3/h at 27,000 Pa)
      • Control unit Comfort
      • Pipe system
      • Vacuum accessories

      Alutec - Poland

      Metalworking Industry

      Extraction of aluminium chips in grinding processes


      • 8 x Filtration unit  DUSTMAC F-567
      • 8 x Medium-pressure fan MDV-55 kW
      • Comfort switchgear cabinet
      • Jacob pipe system
      • Discharge via screw conveyor in customer container
      • Intake at customer via extraction hoods

      Daimler Research Centre - Germany

      Automotive Industry

      Direct Extraction of dust and shavings in model building applications and from different machines


      • High vacuum extraction system with a 13 kW side channel blower and cyclonic filter FZ-1500 for general clean-up purposes and for direct extraction from different machines
      • Medium pressure system with 7.5 kW fan unit and cyclonic filter FZ-5000 for direct extraction of dust and shavings in model building

      Progida - Turkey

      Food Industry

      Residual dust extraction during the cleaning of the production line


      • Filtration unit DUSTMAC XS-99
      • Medium pressure fan MDV 30 kW (14.000 m³/h at 4.500 Pa)
      • Cyclone filter FZ-5003
      • Hihg pressure fan HDV 22 kW (2.700 m³/h at 13.500 Pa)
      • Cyclone pre-separator ZA 213 VA with rotary valve

      Philip Morris - Germany

      Tobacco Industry

      Extraction of tobacco particles at several extraction locations and on several production levels


      • Two separate systems with 86 and 65 extraction locations (flapper valves where hoses can be plugged in) on five and three production levels
      • Simultaneous operation of up to eight extraction locations at each production level
      • Operating Point: Appr. 4,200 m3/h at 220 mbar
      • Five rotary vane vacuum pumps DKG 18.5 kW
      • Two cyclonic filters FZ-5000

      Weckerle - Switzerland

      Cosmetics Industry

      Pigment extraction at a mixer in the production of cosmetics


      • Filtration unit DUSTMAC XP-90
      • Medium pressure fan
      • MDV-11kW
      • Control unit 11 kW
      • Pipe system and extraction arms

      Rheinmetall - Germany

      Automotive supply and arms industry

      Flue gas extraction at 17 welding workspaces


      • 17 extraction arms for welding workspaces
      • Comfort frequency converter, frequency converter, sensor transmitter
      • Spiral pipe, dust collection vessel
      • W3 inspection seal from the IFA, with splitter silencer for low operating noise

      G-Elit - Switzerland

      Metalworking Industry

      High vacuum extraction of titanium dust


      • Filter cyclone FZ-3003 incl. dust collecting vessel (100 litres)
      • 7 extraction hoses DN 36 mm, high-pressure fan HDV 15 kW
      • Control via comfort switchgear cabinet, frequency converter with sensor transmitter
      • Stainless steel piping system, galvanised design, electrically conductive, Vulkollan coating (interior)

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